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About EXCELerate

In County Durham and Darlington Borough there are more young drivers involved in serious crashes than any other age group. The consequences last for years and years. These crashes devastate families and communities and could so easily be avoided in very many cases. EXCELerate has been running in County Durham and Darlington since 2008 and has now been reviewed and modified to EXCELerate Plus.

EXCELerate Plus is designed to help make young, newly qualified drivers, some of the safest drivers on our roads by providing extra training FREE to the young driver in subjects and skills that our collision data indicates as a priority here in County Durham and Darlington.

The scheme is open to anyone aged 17 – 25 years who has:

  • Recently passed the driving test
  • Lives in County Durham or Darlington Borough

Candidates should approach their driving instructor in the first instance and ensure that their instructor has enrolled into the scheme.

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